Take a tour of our virtual office space & more at our beautiful Creekside location at 81 Mill Street, Suite 300 in Gahanna.

Photo - Virtual Office

How Does It Work?

Our Virtual Office Membership provides a $320 credit toward hourly private office usage each month. This credit can even be applied to conference room usage if desired. You will simply login to your C|Suites membership account, check for room availability, and book your time. We’ve made it very simple and easy to do.

If you’re not quite ready to rent a full time private office, but need a professional atmosphere to meet with clients or just need a quiet place to work from time to time, this membership may be perfect for you! 

Compare Our Virtual Office with Another Membership

Many of our clients love their Virtual Office Membership, but maybe you’re looking for a different option. Get a quick look at all the Memberships and how they compare with each other below:

  C|Suites Circle Virtual Office Private Office
Belonging to a Communitycheckcheckcheck
Networking Eventscheckcheckcheck
Learning Luncheonscheckcheckcheck
Access to Conference Rooms
At a Reduced Rate
Available on a Monthly Basis
Flexible Month-to-Month Contract
Conference Room Hours
Includes Monthly Credit
Space to Workcheckcheck
Dedicated Space
Get the same space every time
Physical Office
Door (and potentially windows)
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